Car Sharing App

Car-sharing is one of the E-Done projects, which is a trend of 2018. Booking a car in any convenient location has become easier than ever, the payment takes less than a minute, and the app interface is simple in understanding. Using the service of our Car-sharing, your journey will be comfortable and convenient!

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Learn Lane Platform

Start your new career right now with an interactive and self-paced learning platform Learnlane. Here you can become a student with access to more than 15,000 online courses from the best teachers from all over the world or a teacher of the course, as well as select business training option with Learnlane.

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Crypto Wallet APP

For financial transactions, use the indispensable assistant Wallet. It offers a quick and easy registration, an easy way of making deposits and withdrawal of money, and the ability to work simultaneously with multiple currencies. In addition, you have access to the Exchange page with the exchange rate information.

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